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BPI group is a global management and human resources consulting firm, focused on helping individuals and organizations navigate change. Founded in 1984 in Paris, France, BPI group operates in forty countries around the world. We partner with HR and business leaders to align, engage, develop, and transition talent, providing solutions that span the talent management lifecycle.

Over the past two decades, we have expanded our geographic presence and service offerings through strategic acquisitions and partnerships with firms whose models and philosophy align with own. Learn more about our history below.


Our History:

1984 BPI group founded in Paris, France
1988 BPI group purchases MEDIATOR
1989 BPI group Spain is established
1993+ BPI group Switzerland is established
1994 BPI group Germany is established
1995 BPI group joins OI Partners, the world's leading network of career management consultants
1997 BPI group purchases LEROY Consultants and stakes in Arnava & Ad hominem
1997 BPI group Brazil is established
1998 BPI group Morocco
2001 BPI group purchases Arcocreade, a leading Spanish HR consultant
2002 Mederic acquires a stake in BPI group
2003 BPI group branches into the UK, buys a stake in Humblot-Grant Alexander, a recruitment/search firm
2004 BPI group buys Bernard Brunhes Consultants and its international divisions BPI group Poland, BPI group Romania and Bernard Brunhes International
2005 BPI group buys Promos Consulting (renamed BPI group Italia)
2007 BPI group buys SSP (now renamed BPI group US)
2008 BPI group Belgium and BPI group Russia join the family of companies
2009 Von Rundstedt HR partners (Germany), MPS (Scandinavia) and Verity Filion (Canada) join the BPI group
2011 Opening of an Assessment Center in the heart of Paris: simulations in a company context to identify the skills of top managers and executives
2012 Perceva becomes BPI group's main shareholder
Olivier Labarre is appointed President of BPI group in March of 2012 after having been General Manager
 2013 Emmanuel Casabianca is appointed President of BPI group
2014 Sabine Lochmann was appointed CEO in January 2014. BPI Group BPI group celebrates 30 years.
 2015 Sabine Lochmann has been named President of Management Board for BPI group



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