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Bernard Brunhes International was created in 1991 as the international department of Bernard Brunhes Consultants and became a separate legal entity in 1995. Since 2003, BBI is part of a larger structure - the BPI Group- through which it has access to one of the largest human resources consultancies in the European Union that is since recently also present in the US and the Russian Federation.

BBI is specialised in the areas of social affairs, employment and health and most often provides public consulting services within the scope of programmes and projects financed by international funding agencies and most importantly the EU. BBI also provides direct consulting services to governments and public institutions.

BBI employs about 40 people and has three permanent offices: Paris, Brussels and Bucharest. From these offices, BBI management and staff ensure continuous technical guidance and support to BBI associated consultants, experts and partners. Besides the permanent offices, project offices are established during project operation in various countries.

BBI projects benefit from efficient back-office support services, including intranet tools and customised web applications.

Out service

Right from its creation in 1991, BBI has focused on project development and implementation outside the EU, in various countries undergoing change in the public administration and public policies design and implementation. The original technical focus was on social protection reforms but throughout the years, other public sector policies such as employment and health care and to some extent also education and vocational education and training, came into our remit. BBI has provided technical assistance, advice and consultancy including management, training and communication to governments and public administration in Central and Eastern Europe, South-East Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus, China, the Middle East and Northern Africa. A main focus was laid on the exchange of practices and know-how with the countries during the accession process. Accompanying governments in EU partner countries during the accession remains one of our key specialisations

Within the (enlarging) EU, BBI has also built a strong track record in working for the European, national and regional governments, in particular in the social and employment domain. BBI has built a considerable track record in EU wide technical studies, evaluations, the creation of networks and the execution of communication projects for the EC DG Employment and Social Affairs. BBI has worked on European Social Fund evaluations and reports and BBI currently manages the MISSOC secretariat which links 31 national Ministries in charge of social security information exchange. BBI also performs various EU communication campaigns and networking activities across Europe under the EC DG Employment PROGRESS programme. At EU level, BBI has furthermore worked for the EU Social Partners and with other EU umbrella organisations of civil society. BBI currently holds a framework contract with the European Parliament on the implementation of impact studies in the area of social protection.

BBI aimed over the years to respond to the need of transmitting the EU message into national and local policies and strategies but also vice versa, to ventilate local concerns and civil society aspirations at the policy making levels. Bridging old, new and future Member States as well as EU and local policy levels remain the key objectives we are trying to contribute to.

I. Management Consulting

BBI is routinely involved with all aspects and stages of Project Cycle Management (PCM).

II. Technical Consulting

Within social, health or labour market projects, BBI often provides consulting with respect to:

The development and implementation of Public Policy (often related to EU integration)

BBI has gained a solid reputation in assisting the harmonization of national institutions, legislation and services with EU best practices, norms and standards (Technical assistance).

BBI provides Strategic planning; Policy advice, Design, Analysis and Impact Assessment; Legislative Review, Drafting and Implementation including Legal Approximation to International Standards (acquis communautaire); Advice on European Integration and application of EU rules and procedures Legal; Establishment of EU Institutional Structures and Systems required as part of the accession process (Competent authorities for sub-sector management, Payment agencies, structural fund management systems, etc.)

Procurement of equipment and services and Grant fund management  

BBI ensures the Design of Financial Management Information Systems and Procedures; Training and Capacity Building in Grant Fund Management for intermediary organisations (associations and NGOs); Procurement of equipment and services (according to EU guidelines and procedures) etc.

Institutional strengthening and civil society participation and strengthening        

An integral part of our international projects involves the strengthening of administrative capacity, as well as civil society participation and strengthening in order to ensure sustainability.

BBI efforts focus on enhancing public services' operational capacity and the improvement of the quality of their service delivery. Beneficiary organizations are mostly ministries (Labour/Health/Social Security and social protection) and provides: Restructuring and Reorganization of Public Institutions, Human Resource Management and Development Strategies, , Functional analysis, Financial Management Systems Analysis and Strengthening, Review and Design of Information Management, IT-Systems.

III. Monitoring and Evaluation

BBI has experience in the evaluation of Public policies including the evaluation of Structural Funds, which remain the main tools for the modernisation and economic development of poor areas in Europe.

Assessments are carried out according to general evaluation criteria such as relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability of the actions carried out. In many instances BBI also actively participated in supervising major reforms or programmes.

BBI provides Project feasibility studies, Project and programme planning, Monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes,( Assessment of specific measures of support of public policies and/or restructuring processes in EU countries) Design and delivery of participatory training courses in project cycle management, Establishment of project cycle management systems within public institutions,

IV. Training and capacity-building

Training needs Assessment, Design of Integrated Training Programmes Vocational Training, study tours, conferences and workshops, Capacity Building and Training for the final beneficiaries of grant schemes (project development and acquisition, proposal writing techniques, project management etc);

V.  Communication Management

Development and implementation of communication strategies and plans, awareness-rising campaigns using print and electronic media, organization of national and international workshops and events, content provision and management for websites and electronic publications, customized electronic tools and databases, translation management for EU wide projects requiring translations in up to 23 languages


Throughout the years BBI has built up a solid track record of implementing technical assistance and research projects in the areas of social affairs, employment and health. Project details of past and ongoing projects can be viewed through the project titles in the right frame of this page.

Projects are supported by a dynamic and permanent team of BBI Staff in the 3 permanent offices. This team develops new opportunities and supports the experts and project implementing teams which are based in the permanent offices or temporary local offices.

Besides several ongoing research and technical assistance projects, BBI is currently also involved with the implementation of three framework contracts:

  • Management of the framework contract for services in support of communication activity concerning the PROGRESS programme and related policies; LOT No 3: Networking with stakeholders of the programme to develop and disseminate information
  • The EC financed multiple framework contract aimed at the provision of short term services for third countries benefiting from EC external aid in the area of governance and home affairs (LOT 7)
  • Framework contract with the European Parliament on the implementation of impact studies in the area of social protection


About us

Since 1991, BBI has built up solid references in successfully managing and implementing international consulting and technical assistance projects.

BBI is a member of BPI group, a leading global Human Resources consulting firm with a strong European Focus.

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