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Why choose us?

Our approach is based on observation, role-playing, and the ability to involve management in making an assessment a success. Guided by their compassion and rigor, our seasoned consultants guarantee a reliable assessment by reconciling and comparing performance and potential.

Why choose us?

Because we have the career management expertise to help you find solutions that best fit the needs of employees looking to change their career focus. Our versatile consultants can offer you individual or group modules suited to every situation, and options to make the assessment more comprehensive and effective so as to promote everyone’s employability.


Why choose us?

Because the work we do in our coaching sessions is guided by the organization’s priorities. Our coaches are committed to keeping all personal information confidential while working in the interest of individuals and organizations.

Why choose us?

Our group coaching creates a “before” and “after” because our coaches are results driven. We suggest different methods that instill collaboration and work toward collective intelligence. Because we wear many hats—coach, trainer, assessor, and consultant—and draw on a wide array of tools, including digital ones, we can offer a service that is tailored to address all your challenges.


Why choose us?

Because our experts skillfully take on four different roles: assessor, trainer, consultant, and coach. Their understanding of people and their varied backgrounds ensure that they can make a difference for you.


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Urban Gaming is a Premium Startup used to create digital acculturation games as well as customized group programs for 10 to 1,000 people that are both fun and educational (escape game, serious game, learning expedition, etc.).

Viti Coaching is a Premium Startup used to easily and effectively lead a virtual co-development session. The benefit is that participants absorb what they learn. The method also fosters a group dynamic, creating a community where participants help one another throughout the program.

Assessment Game is a tool that offers interactive role-plays and generates a result as soon as it is completed. It is especially useful when you need to perform a set of assessments in a short period of time and for people with backgrounds as experts, supervisors, and middle managers.


Bénédicte  |  Consultant & coach  |  Paris office

I don’t think the hardest thing is doing, but rather putting yourself in a position to be ready to start doing: it’s really the first step more than the last one that gets you to the goal.

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