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Group internal mobility

Moving and geographic mobility

Moving is generally part of a transformation that affects the organization’s overall equilibrium and raises important challenges related to well-being at work and performance. Our experts advise you and guide you through all the steps of the move so you can create a successful structure in a new working environment that gets everyone onboard. We partner with you to create a unifying plan that, based on your needs, includes assistance with engagement, communication, training, and social dialogue.

Reorganization and internal mobility plan

Are you looking to engage your employees and put them in charge of their own professional futures without abandoning your social responsibility? To help make your internal mobility plan a success, our experts draw on tools and a method that has been time tested since 1984 to guide you as you create and implement the plan.

Implementation of your GPEC / GPECT approach

Our GPEC - GPECT experts provide you with significant experience and global expertise in the subject, from the definition of HR policies and the design of HR tools and processes, to operational implementation at every level of employee to guarantee the movement of your people.

Why choose us?

BPI group positions itself as a partner that rallies all the actors in your organization around performance.


Group outplacement

Voluntary departure plan

Are you looking to reduce your workforce while continuing to respect your social commitments? Our experts help you create and execute the best process for you that also safeguards your organizational climate. Our working method is based on a clear objective: empower all employees to find the right job for them as soon as possible, without ever resorting to a process of involuntary departure.

PSE (collective redundancy plan)

Our experts work with you to put together a procedure that fits your priorities and transformation situation, using a proven method that is simultaneously practical, agile, and responsive throughout the plan so you can quickly complete the outplacement of every impacted employee and help employees in their career rebound, while making career transitions into long-term solutions.

Contractual collective redundancy

Are you looking to implement a new collective redundancy procedure? Our social dialogue experts help and advise you so you can reach a majority agreement with the unions. Leveraging BPI group’s renowned professionalism and expertise in this field, we help from start to finish with your plan all the way up until the implementation of the voluntary departure procedure.

Why choose us?

Whether they are potentially leaving or remaining in the organization, all employees need to confidently envision their place in this new plan. BPI group has been working with clients since 1984 to help their outplacement plans succeed quantitatively and qualitatively.

We help ensure that you can keep your business running during the plan, and we help to maintain the managerial approaches before, during, and after the plan, and to carefully prepare the entire social fabric and enable it to envision itself in and commit to the new business plan.


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