Restructure and manage group mobility

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Why choose us?

BPI group positions itself as a partner that rallies all the actors in your organization around performance.


Why choose us?

Whether they are potentially leaving or remaining in the organization, all employees need to confidently envision their place in this new plan. BPI group has been working with clients since 1984 to help their outplacement plans succeed quantitatively and qualitatively.

We help ensure that you can keep your business running during the plan, and we help to maintain the managerial approaches before, during, and after the plan, and to carefully prepare the entire social fabric and enable it to envision itself in and commit to the new business plan.


of our clients say that our strength is our ability to listen


The leading private career management solution to give new impetus to your career through five dedicated services: the Job Center, Networking Center, Skills Center, Care Center, and Career Center.

@toutJob is a novel tool designed by BPI group to help your employees identify potential careers based on their skills, motivation drivers, learning aptitude, and predispositions.


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What do I believe? A firm needs to offer more than a method, proof, and expertise. We are first and foremost a partner that collaborates with our clients.

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