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Outplacement for "non-cadres"

Our consultants are experts in career counseling help you devise a concrete plan for your professional repositioning that balances your dreams, expertise, and the realities of the job market. Your consultant will listen to you, provide advice and support, and inspire you to both reflect and take action. We are focused on an essential goal: to position you to succeed, as soon as possible.

Outplacement for union representatives

The foreseeable reduction in elected representatives who may or may not belong to unions is a genuine challenge for mobility. Our mobility experts help you promote the skills you gained during your time as a union representative, and they leverage all their expertise and resources to help you find a position in a new field or a job you have not performed recently.

Outplacement for "cadres"

Our consultants are experts in career counseling who take a teamwork approach to help you position yourself as someone other than an ordinary job seeker. They will help you outline, explain, finalize, and then use the most appropriate channels to present to your target audience an “offer” that showcases your added value. Our program intertwines the marketing of your offer on the job market with the personal dimension, your values, your aspirations, and your talents. We focus on your long-term success while making your transition period short.

Executive outplacement

Our coaches specialize in working with executives and draw on a proven, personalized method that takes into account your unique status as an executive by putting you in a “CEO of Me Inc.” mind-set throughout your transition. This customized coaching will help you create and test your pivot points and areas of development from the moment you start to outline your plan right up until you are preparing to start your new job.

Why choose us?

Because we keep up with employment trends, and focus on helping you stay self-confident so that you can find a new job as soon as possible. Our approach targets long-term success.

Individual mobility

Functional mobility

A change in workplace and/or position, or even profession, needs to align with a career trajectory. Our experts help you create this trajectory by setting you up for success so the change can help make you employable and guarantee your well-being and performance on the job.


Since 1984, our entrepreneurship experts have been coming together in a learning community of practice, and they constantly monitor industry and regulatory developments. We offer this targeted support as a consulting service, marshaling all the expertise needed to make your plan a reality: financing, insurance, communications, etc.

Our method relies on three keys to success: challenging entrepreneurs on their self-awareness, and guiding them in organizing their plan, so as to make them agile as they grow their business.

BPI group draws on an array of innovative tools and methods that can be adapted to a wide variety of client or candidate situations. Our program covers the entire upstream phase along with follow-up after the registration in the initial period of the business’s existence, applying the lean startup approach.

Programs for spouses

A spouse’s career is one of the main obstacles to employees’ geographic mobility. Supporting spouses helps alleviate many sources of hesitation while better managing risk. Our experts offer several types of programs for spouses in France and other countries, including helping them find a new job or start a business, and providing coaching to adjust to their new environment.

Why choose us?

Because we know how to lay the groundwork for a mobility plan so you can quickly get off to a successful start, whether you are changing jobs or regions or becoming your own boss.


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This innovative and 100% digital solution is targeted to employees who want to build a solid and motivating internal professional project. Its purpose is to promote a culture of voluntary mobility within your organization.

@toutJob is a novel tool designed by BPI group to help your employees identify potential careers based on their skills, motivation drivers, learning aptitude, and predispositions.


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