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Why choose us?

Because we keep up with employment trends, and focus on helping you stay self-confident so that you can find a new job as soon as possible. Our approach targets long-term success.

Why choose us?

Because we know how to lay the groundwork for a mobility plan so you can quickly get off to a successful start, whether you are changing jobs or regions or becoming your own boss.


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employees who have benefited from BPI group’s expertise in their career transition and repositioning


This innovative and 100% digital solution is targeted to employees who want to build a solid and motivating internal professional project. Its purpose is to promote a culture of voluntary mobility within your organization.

@toutJob is a novel tool designed by BPI group to help your employees identify potential careers based on their skills, motivation drivers, learning aptitude, and predispositions.


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I’m passionate about people: not just their values, aspirations, and talents, but also their failures, doubts, shortcomings, and limits.

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