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When BPI group was founded in 1984, it was a pioneer in conducting major restructurings by introducing employee outplacement. We had chosen to focus our attention on people who found themselves unemployed. Then we wanted to work with all the people the organization depends on for its success. This is how a core activity was born. Since then, we have been helping businesses and organizations move forward. We are by your side, serving as operations consultants and HR experts.


Over the years, your challenges have changed, and our core activity has changed with them. Today, we channel our expertise into HR support of transformations: the implementation of the HR and social policy strategy, overhaul of the organization, management of the framework of work life, talent management, implementation of the economic strategy and flexibility, and social responsibility.

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Builders of the future, partnering with people, organizations and regions

At BPI group, we are a team driven by our passion for people. Committed to social innovation, we care most about developing lifelong employability and well-being at work. Our objective is to give all the individuals we work with a reason to take action and inspiration to thrive in their careers. As pioneers in digital support, we intertwine innovation with our services to join the economically possible with the socially desirable.

We are attentive, proactive, and results-driven people professionals. When it comes to hiring its consultants, BPI group has always cast a wide net—the priority is to recruit people with deep-seated varied and specialized expertise. The diverse backgrounds and industry experience of our employees are what set us apart.

To cement its commitment to promoting pluralism and seeking diversity through recruitment and career management, BPI group signed the diversity charter in 2017.

When we hire junior, experienced, and senior consultants, and sales representatives and key account managers, we are looking for people with a passion for HR consulting jobs.

We value insight, service-mindedness, high standards, and compassion. Our strength stems from our creativity and ability to co-construct sustainable, ethical solutions with everyone we work with.

The firm’s score on the gender equality index for 2018 was 51/100. We are continuing our efforts to make even greater strides in gender equality.


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Since 1973, LEROY Consultants has been helping individuals in their careers by linking personal success to the organization’s performance. The LEROY Consultants teams, who specialize in career management, have a long-standing reputation for expertise in talent management. Our clients get to work with these versatile consultants, who are all adept assessors, trainers, consultants, and coaches. Their keen understanding of people gives them astute judgment when it comes to managing organizations.

LEROY Dirigeants works exclusively with executives at the pivotal periods in their professional growth, from the design to the implementation of their plans and the corresponding actions. LEROY Dirigeants works tirelessly to help executives better understand their own attributes and then use this insight to adjust their approaches and behaviors.

Founded in 1991, Bernard Bruhnes Consultants manages transformations with an approach of “positive change management” that unites the economic and social dimensions. The Bernard Bruhnes teams merge familiarity with and experience in the public sphere, human resources and management expertise, and the ability to understand and engage a variety of actors in complex projects and shared objectives.

BPI group brands

Our growth in France has involved acquisitions of HR consulting firms and recruitment firms, which has allowed us to establish both local and global expertise with the drive to offer one-of-a-kind HR know-how.


Management team

aurelie feld.jpg

Aurélie Feld

President of the Management Board of BPI group

For nearly 30 years I’ve been devoting my energy and passion to helping organizations and their employees. Togetherness is a value I have always relied on to make the organization more responsible and productive.


Sybille Delaporte

Deputy General Director of BPI group

The priority is to combine corporate social performance and economic performance. We aim to engage through values, put human capital first in decision-making, make skill-building a focus of the strategy, and create an ecosystem that fosters innovation, so that our organizations are stronger and ready to take on new challenges.

Veronique subileau.jpg

Véronique Subileau

Deputy Director, Talent and Skills Development BU

The right person in the right place at the right time is the objective we want to help you achieve for yourself and your organizations.

Dominique Bourdeleau.jpg

Dominique Bourdeleau

Directrice de la BU  "Organisation et Transformation"

Une grande expérience des enjeux économiques, managériaux et stratégiques des transformations d’entreprises alignée avec l'approche humaine et engagée du conseil RH qui fait la signature de BPI group.


Jean-Marie Thuillier

Director, Employment & Regions BU

We need to recognize that the creation of socially responsible and economically acceptable solutions is often based on a simple shift in mind-set and perspective.

Our role is to take action within the regions. That is where everything plays out and is foiled—we must develop and integrate social responsibility into the organizations and regions, as a value of progress and shared performance.

That is where attention needs to be directed on the internal and external employability level of employees, a key indicator of their growth in an organization and personal life, and a factor in social integration.


Thierry Mouton

Director of Regional Development

Gandhi said we should be the change we want to see in the world. Our society is currently changing, and the business world is not immune. I am convinced that each of us is the key component of a successful transformation of the organization in which we work. The priority is then to bring all these individualities into a group.

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