Anticipate your transformations and make them a reality


Why choose us?

Because our approach is guided by a philosophy of co-construction and knowledge transfer with HR actors. Our experts provide skilled support and advice that is both actionable and pragmatic, so you can anticipate and plan for the changes in your jobs and organization.


Why choose us?

Our attentiveness, on-the-ground experience, and ecosystem of social relations clubs allow us to offer you approaches and tools that are tailored to support your ideas and help you get the most out of social dialogue so you can boost your economic and social success.


Why choose us?

Because BPI group has long-standing expertise in change management. Since 1984, we have been cultivating a unique capability that centers around a single mantra: change is learned, planned, and prepared for, but never imposed. Mergers, transformations, acquisitions, regional planning, new work processes, engagement of actors: this is where we shine.


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Want to measure the impacts of the French Labor Code reforms on your organization? Ordo Top Chrono is an online simulation tool you can use to quickly view the topics that may impact your organization and then compare your results with those of your peers.

Want to better understand the procedures for terminating employment contracts that fit your situation? The Diagnostic Navigator is an online tool you can use to view the criteria you need to take into account to map out a collective or individual redundancy agreement, mobility leave, voluntary departure plan, or social plan.


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