Revitalize and reindustrialize your region

What we can accomplish with you


Why choose us?

We offer you a customized, high value-added solution based on your organization’s business lines, we engage with regional actors on your priorities, and we advise leaders of fast-growing SMEs with the goal of creating jobs in the region.


Why choose us?

Our added value lies in our flair for attracting and convincing an actor to set up on a site while also facilitating connections between the stakeholders: clients, buyers, and government actors. Our aim is to give a new outlook to the site and avoid an industrial wasteland while enabling employees to continue their careers at the buyer’s business. 


Why choose us?

Our expertise in employment and knowledge of the region provide the element for our studies and analyses so we can give you the insight you need to anticipate the changes in your region.  


million euros: the amount injected every year into local economies thanks to BPI group.



Over six to eight weeks, this group experience aims to put the long-term unemployed into a professional mind-set so they collect job offers on the so-called hidden market of a region and reenter the workforce.

The Universités de l'Excellence help leaders enhance the competitiveness and increase the profitability of their disability-friendly company, which is an organization in which at least 80% of the employee have a disability.



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What drives me? Capitalizing on preparatory work to make a sustainable restructuring happen.

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