Offering HR support
to VSEs and SMEs

Referenced by 5 professional branches

We are referenced with 5 different professional branches (Atlas, Opco 2i, Opco Mobilités *, Opcommerce and AKTO) to support member companies with fewer than 300 employees in their HR challenges. As part of this initiative, we work with you in a fast-track format that is suited to the size of your organization. Depending on your needs, we can create a program that lasts anywhere from 2 to 10 days. Our guiding concern is to offer you a solution that will help you save time. We can also offer our advisory services for individual employees, including skills assessments, coaching, assessment, Hub Carrières, and more).

* Ile-de-France, Grand Est, New Aquitaine and Normandy

Recruit or identify talent

Perform a review of the skills you are seeking

Identify your recruitment needs

Establish your job descriptions

Outline your recruitment process

Source and assess candidates

Facilitate the onboarding process

Develop your employer brand

We understand that recruitment is vital for growth, and since 2015 we have been proud to work with hundreds of small and medium-sized organizations to help them expand. This is the top concern for organizations with fewer than 300 employees.


Create and/or get the most out of HR tools

Conduct your review of HR practices

Optimize your management of training

Educate managers about HR interviews

Develop and/or optimize your HR processes

Clarify your compensation policy

Decipher your HR obligations

Implement successful social dialogue

Structure your HR duties

Develop your internal communication

Our diverse expertise equips us to help you with a range of HR issues, from managing the training plan to learning labor negotiation, which has become even more relevant with the Macron Orders and successive reforms of the French Labor Code since 2015.


Prepare for change

Identify your target structure

Outline your HR action plan

Create your multiyear training plan

Develop your internal mobility tools

Construct your professionalization process

Raise awareness on gender equality, management of seniors, and disability

Since 1984, we have been helping organizations grow and navigate changes in the jobs they provide. We continually strive to create top-notch programs so you get the return on investment you are looking for to maximize your economic performance.


Help talent grow and retain key skills

Measure employee engagement

Assist with skills development

Produce a key skills map

Identify and develop your talent

Establish your retention policy

Implement your employment and career management strategy

Construct your skills framework

Develop your action plan for quality of work life

Perform your psychosocial risk review

Our experts in skills and human capital management can help you with the mandatory workforce planning process prescribed by French labor law, the professionalization of managers, employee engagement, and quality of work life.



Sandrine  |  Manager of Regional Innovations and Mobility Culture  |  Paris office

Addressing HR challenges in small and medium-sized organizations is key to their growth, and especially important for the competitiveness of our economy.