Helping to strengthen social dialogue


Optimize social dialogue

Manage transformation through social dialogue

Our social dialogue practitioners guide your HR department and operations managers in their role of social dialogue actors and in the implementation of the many tools required for this optimization process. We set up peer-to-peer dialogue and work with you to devise a roadmap that considers the interests of all parties.

Implement joint working groups to revamp social dialogue

Our social dialogue practitioners work with your elected representatives, trade unionists, HR director, and managers to help them collaborate better by sharing their learning processes and experiences so they can address the organization’s current social situation from different angles. For example, this may involve work prior to setting up a Social and Economic Committee, outlining what the new leadership of a Social and Economic Committee looks like, etc.

Set up new representative bodies

The merger of the employee representative bodies and the implementation of a new institutional framework in the form of the Social and Economic Committee are redefining representativeness within organizations. Our social dialogue practitioners help you organize and implement these changes so you can set the stage for successful dialogue.

Why choose us?

Because when we are involved, you benefit from the expertise of social dialogue practitioners who serve as a neutral party.


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Management of union careers

Help elected representatives adjust to their new role

Delivering a variety of trainings, we work with newly elected representatives and trade union representatives to help them excel in their position and to hit the ground running. We also help them build their skills throughout their career and we promote what they learn while serving in this position.

Create and promote your career

The foreseeable reduction in elected representatives who may or may not belong to unions is a genuine challenge for mobility. We harness our dual expertise in outplacement and union careers to find a place for elected representatives or appointees in a job they might not have performed recently. This involves working together to create a realistic, achievable career plan and helping elected representatives feel at ease in their new job after their term ends.

Why choose us?

Union organizations and company leaders benefit from BPI group’s experience helping employees for over 30 years. There is an appropriate tool for every stage in the promotion of the “union” career.  


André |  Social Dialogue Expert  |  Paris office

Social relations are my passion. Social dialogue is my expertise. My job as a consultant is to bring together my expertise and passion.